Black alpacas


Everything you need to know about alpacas and how to look after them can be found on our website.

We will show you that alpacas are really interesting, good-natured animals. You can keep them on a commercial basis for their wool or for breeding purposes. Furthermore, there is a new steadily-growing agricultural sector. Alpacas are also kept as pets and they are very useful for protecting other livestock from foxes.

We mainly breed black alpacas from the best English and Australian bloodlines and our herd of black alpacas is the largest in the Netherlands. When it comes to live cover you are at the right address. We have a number of top stud males, including the champion Inca Excalibur. His offspring win one prize after another at shows. For more information, see photos and show results.

We will be pleased to provide you with any information you need. It is also our priority to provide follow-up care for new alpaca owners.

If you are interested in purchasing an animal, check sale of animals.

There are always herd sires, mares and geldings for sale. If you are interested, please contact us or pay a visit to our alpaca farm.


Recognized by the Alpaca Association Benelux

Tienda Molino is recognized by the Alpaca Association Benelux.